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Main Reasons To Choose Us

We offer the best emergency roadside services in the entire region.

-We are available 24 hours a day. Our drivers and technicians are always there for you no matter what conditions. Compared companies may find problems with weather conditions, working conditions, or vehicle mode capabilities for successful completion of the service. We use the most modern equipment, and our trucks are equipped with all possible tools (such as dollies, skates, low-clearance recovery, and more) to finish the job with a hundred percent success and provide the customer a maximum of satisfaction without any headache.

-If you take a few minutes and concentrate on a market survey of towing and roadside assistance prices in L-A, you will see that we are offering excellent and most convenient prices comparing to the market.
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Why Choose United Express Tow

Your vehicle will inevitably always break down at the most inopportune moment. You may have an important business meeting, taking the kids to school, or maybe rushing to a medical appointment. When a vehicle breakdown occurs, you can rest assured that United Express Tow is standing by to provide you with world-class roadside assistance. Our drivers arrive in a matter of mere minutes, something which our competitors cannot guarantee.

 United Express Towing Company is the best emergency roadside assistance provider. Your vehicle can stop running at any time due to electrical or mechanical failures, so you must always be prepared for these circumstances. Saving our number allows you to be instantly prepared in the event of a vehicle breakdown.

24/7 Availability of All Services

We always prioritize vehicle care when carrying out our roadside assistance services. Our team’s modern, industry-standard equipment allows them to the maximum, so your vehicle is treated with the care and respect that it deserves. We are rated as a 5 Star company because of our professionalism, customer satisfaction, and attention to vehicle care and maintenance.
For example, when transporting classic cars and sports cars, we use straps that keep their tires and wheels stable during the towing process. In cases where your vehicle cannot be shifted into neutral, our trucks are equipped with wheeled dollies that can carry your vehicle if necessary. Furthermore, if your car is unusually low, we will use a flatbed ramp to ensure that your vehicle is loaded and transported safely.

Friendly Service: The United Express team is trained to deliver stellar customer service in a friendly and professional manner. From the dispatcher who will assist you over the phone to the operator, all of our team wish to help you in the best way that they can.



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