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An Overview of Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycles are not invincible. They might seem fast and flawless, but they can break down just as easily as standard passenger cars. Most people don’t think about calling a towing company when their motorcycle malfunctions. But it is wise to have your faulty motorcycle towed because it will prevent further damage to it.

If you were to leave your motorcycle on the side of the road or attempt to tow it through unconventional means, you might wind up paying a more extensive repair bill. Do yourself a favor and call a towing company instead.

Motorcycle vs. Car Towing

The towing process for motorcycles is different compared to cars. For one thing, a motorcycle has an entirely different design layout. It also has a different number of wheels, balance, engine functions, weight, and size.

A tow truck operator cannot simply hoist up the front of your motorcycle and pull it from the back of the truck. The bike would surely bounce around and fall out of the cradle where the wheel is locked.

Even if your motorcycle has front wheel locks, they won’t do any good for a tow. Motorcycles have two wheels and cannot withstand the same level of impact that a four-wheeled car can endure from a tow.

Special Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Companies

If you need to tow your motorcycle, you’ll have to look for companies specializing in motorcycle towing. These are usually companies that only focus on motorcycles rather than standard cars and trucks. They have the necessary equipment and tools to accommodate all motorcycle towing tasks. Most importantly, these particular operators have experience in motorcycles. They will treat your bike with love and care.

The Motorcycle Towing Process

The hook and chain process will not work on a motorcycle. To tow a bike safely, it needs to be entirely off the road. The motorcycle towing process involves a hydraulic lift or ramp to transfer the motorcycle from the ground to the flatbed in the rear of the truck.

Let’s discuss the three main elements of the motorcycling towing process.


Motorcycle flatbed trucks are the best choice for towing motorcycles. Your entire motorcycle gets lifted off the ground and placed onto a flat surface behind the truck. There is special equipment integrated into the flatbed to keep the bike steady and secured. It is similar to a standard flatbed tow truck for cars and trucks, except this one is designed specifically for hauling motorcycles.

Ramped Flatbeds

Motorcycle ramped flatbeds are a hybrid of a flatbed and a ramp to deliver a safe transportation. The ramp gets extended onto the ground so the motorcycle can be rolled up onto it and then onto the flatbed, where it is secured into the proper position. Nothing has to be lifted or hoisted up into the air like with the traditional tow truck.

Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifting technology is in several modern tow trucks. There are special hydraulic lifts used for motorcycle towing trucks only. They are designed to lift motorcycles off the ground completely and safely.


The hydraulic lift lowers the flatbed onto the ground. The motorcycle gets rolled onto the flatbed, where it is restrained and secured in place. The flatbed gets lifted back up onto the rear of the truck. Now it can be locked and secured in place.

The Importance of Motorcycle Towing Coverage

Do not ignore the need for motorcycle towing coverage. If you own a motorcycle, you have to realize that it can break down just like a car. In fact, it has a greater chance of breaking down because of how small and vulnerable it is on the road.

There is no rear trunk to hold a jack or spare tire either. If one of your two motorcycle tires goes flat, you will get stranded on the side of the road. Are you going to leave your car alone while you walk to the nearest auto shop for help? Your motorcycle might not even be there when you get back.

Motorcycle towing is the safest solution. That is why you must subscribe to a roadside service plan which offers motorcycle roadside coverage. Not all roadside services provide this type of coverage, so make sure your service provider offers it before you sign up.

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